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Your Maritime Future

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Maritime Engineer

Do you enjoy maths, physics, designing, building?

Maritime Engineers design and construct ships, submarines, autonomous vessels, luxury yachts, navy warships, ocean renewable energy sources, marine electrical and mechanical systems, and oceanic infrastructure.

Global Logistics

Are you interested in international law, economics, or business (with global career opportunities)?

Global Logistics Officers and Managers have the specialist knowledge to work in a vast array of international industries organising large-scale global trade and keeping the world moving.

Ship Engineer or Deck Officer

Do you love the sea and want to drive or run massive ships?

Ocean Seafarers are navigation or marine engine experts who drive or operate massive ships across the sea. They lead the teams who work onboard cargo ships, science expedition vessels, ocean tugs, and cruise ships.

Maritime Engineers, Global Logistics Managers and Ocean Seafarers

are needed right now and over the next 30 years

to grow Australia's ocean energy renewables, maritime economies and shipbuilding industries.

A degree from the Australian Maritime College will take you there.

meet our students

Izzy is from Northern Tasmania and will graduate in 2024 with the Bachelor of Global Logistics and Maritime Management.

She studies maritime law, economics, and supply chain management.

And is now considering career opportunities across the globe as a logistics professional.



Corey is from Queensland and graduated in 2023 with the Bachelor of Maritime Engineering (Honours).

He received 15 job interviews in his last 6 months of study.

And landed his dream job in the maritime engineering industry before he even graduated.

Charlie is from Gippsland Victoria and graduated with a Bachelor of Maritime Engineering (Honours).

He studied the design of ship engines, marine electrical power systems, and offshore structures.

And has now landed his dream job in the maritime engineering industry designing underwater systems.


Waves of opportunities

Build dreams not just ships

Ocean Renewable Energy

Offshore wind has been earmarked as critical if Australia is to decarbonise and meet its net zero emissions targets, and Victoria has a particularly ambitious target of generating about 20 percent of its energy needs from offshore wind within a decade.

Keen to capitalise, a pipeline of industry heavyweights have announced their plans to develop offshore wind projects in Gippsland, which is on course to be home to Australia's first offshore wind project.

Australian Financial Review
August 22, 2022

Maritime Operations

In times of conflict and crisis, our economic sovereignty and national security are dependent on Australian seafarers working on Australian ships.

Protecting and growing Australia’s maritime sector and seafaring workforce is vital to our economic sovereignty and national security.

Federal Government Policy
January 3, 2022

Maritime Economy

Ninety per cent of world trade is sent via the oceans, and it takes specialist skills to manage this vast industry.

Global logistics and maritime management professionals are in demand around the world in diverse industries such as shipping ports, logistics, exporting and importing, freight forwarding, manufacturing and government.

Australian Maritime College

Naval Shipbuilding

Australia is embarking on its most ambitious naval shipbuilding program since the end of World War 2. Thousands of maritime engineers, logistics professionals, and marine operators will be needed over the next 30 years to ensure its success.

AMC Search, 2024

Acquiring nuclear-powered submarines will involve a whole-of-nation undertaking, creating around 20,000 direct jobs over the next 30 years.

A further 4,000-5,000 direct jobs are expected to be created to build nuclear-powered submarines.

Australian Submarine Agency, 2024

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