Integrated Marine Simulator

The CMS is one of the most advanced simulators of its type in the world, and is valued by AMCS clients for the accuracy of its ship models, hydrodynamics and visual modelling.

Commercial studies to the value of $3.6 billion have been undertaken by the CMS in the past 10  years, including:

  • Research and investigation into port development
  • Ship manoeuvring
  • Improving ship and port safety and efficiency, including evaluating tug requirements and optimal usage
  • extending port operational parameters

The CMS can be used to meet a range of client needs such as:

  • Evaluating new and extended port designs
  • Evaluating tug requirements
  • Extending port operational parameters
  • Standard operating and emergency procedures
  • Simulation studies
  • Incident investigation
  • Handling of new, larger ships
  • Human factors
  • FPSO mooring
  • Human system integration

The simulator fully meets the requirements of Section A–1/12 of the STCW78 Code, as amended, and is used for training in:

  • High Speed Navigation
  • Pilotage and Competency Audits
  • Tug operations
  • Customised courses
  • Professional development programs