Model Test Basin

35-meter-long Model Test Basin simulates maritime operations in shallow water environments such as ports, harbours, rivers and coastal regions.

It is used by research organisations and industry to conduct a wide variety of experiments and experimental modelling.

The Model Test Basin has a wave-maker with 16 computer-controlled paddles that can produce a wide variety of different types of wave at almost any water depth. A wind generator with 20 individually controllable fans can be strategically positioned to obtain the desired wind direction.

It also has a digital motion capture system consisting of eight digital cameras, providing the ability to track a model’s motion under different wave conditions.

Watch: Model Test Basin at AMC

The Model Test Basin is capable of towing models of up to 40kg at speeds of up to 3.8 metres per second and large models up to 600kg at 0.75 metres per second.

Available for use by commercial organisations, over 25 consulting projects have used the facility to test their innovations via AMC Search.

At a Glance:

Length 35 metres
Width 12 metres
Water depth 0 to 1.0 metres
Model towing carriage speed 0 to 3.8 metres/second
Typical model lengths 2 to 6 metres

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