Circulating Water Channel (Flume Tank)

AMC’s Circulating Water Channel (CWC) is used for a wide range of training, research and development activities associated with fishing gear, and surface and underwater vessels. In normal use, fishing gear is towed through a body of water over a stationary bottom, which normally makes gear testing a large scale operation.

The CWC the only one in the southern hemisphere, achieves the same relative movement by moving the body of water and bottom past stationary fishing gear. Much of the complexity of the CWC is involved in ensuring that the water in the test area is turbulence free, to provide reproducible testing conditions.

A cost-effective alternative to full scale gear trials is available through the use of scale models in the CWC. Model tests can provide information on the effects of rigging changes and the forces acting on various gear components, allowing modifications to be determined for the full-scale gear.

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General Details:

Mr Dean Cook
CEO, AMC Search
Phone : +61 (0)3 6324 9865

Technical Details:

Dr Jonathan Duffy
Deputy Director Research, Research Chair & Senior Lecturer, NCMEH
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Circulating Water Channel (Flume Tank)