Full Mission Bridge Simulator

Our Full Mission Bridge simulator uses cutting-edge technology for unparalleled realism.

AMC Search’s DNV Class A Full Mission Bridge simulator consists of a full-scale mock-up of a ship's bridge featuring an ultra-high resolution 4K Full Mission Bridge Simulation Projection System from Panasonic. 

It includes a full-scale display of the ship and surrounding area as seen through the windows of the wheelhouse. Controller hardware such as telegraph, thrusters, independent helm and Azi Pods are integrated into the simulator as well as all instruments required for navigation and manoeuvring. 

An extensive ship model library contains over 130 vessels which provides a broad representation of a range of vessel types and sizes visiting Australian ports.

Our team can model new areas based on existing ports or designs. Area models can include depth mesh and custom bathymetry, as well as current, wind, tide and wave data.

Complementing the Full Mission simulator for port development projects are the two purpose built multi-type Tug Simulators comprising 360° visuals, a full suite of area and ship modelling stations and in house capabilities to develop hydrodynamic and visual models.

In house, AMC Search has developed a fully interactive touchscreen chart table that supports debriefing for port development/feasibility projects. The table is linked to all simulation runs conducted on the Full Mission Bridge Simulator and provides real time information.

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  • Evaluating tug requirements and their optimal usage
  • Extending port operational parameters
  • Evaluating proposed new port developments
  • Optimal positioning of aids to navigation
  • Optimal positioning of new berths and jetties
  • Bridge Team Management training and evaluation
  • Familiarising ships’ officers and marine pilots with new ships and new ship types
  • Review of emergency procedures for port security

Our simulation manager works with organisations to create area models based on concept or engineering diagrams. Custom bathymetry can be included, as well as additional layers of information such as current, tide, wind and wave data.

Simulated runs can examine a number of criteria: channel width, swing basin dimensions, and aids to navigation. The analysis means that berth location and bearing relative to prevailing conditions can be amended as required.

AMC Search also help organisations test environmental parameters and towage requirements, and gain an appreciation of vessel transit times, which can help avoid bottlenecks or delays.


Matt Best is our General Manager, Simulations, and he looks after all aspects of designing and delivering work in the simulator. Matt has over 12 years’ experience using our maritime simulator to solve problems for clients. 

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We were impressed with the professionalism of the staff, and the ease that the Navy, AMC staff and design teams were able to work together. The report we got at the end was excellent and met all of our needs." RAN Commander Nick Tate