DP Operator Training – Advanced (Simulator)

Entry Prerequisites

See The Nautical Institute DP Operator’s Training and Certification Scheme

Have you completed the minimum entry prerequisites?

1. DP Induction (Basic) course certificate (NI approved)

Candidates must hold a DP Basic (Induction) Certificate issued by a Nautical Institute approved training provider.


  • The entire DP scheme must be undertaken within 4 years of NI DPO certification for students entering into scheme from 01 January 2015.
  • The entire DP scheme must be undertaken within 5 years of NI DPO certification for students entering into the scheme prior to 01 January 2015

2. Certificate of competency minimum qualification (STCW regulation)

Candidates must hold a Certificate of Competency for international waters to minimum qualifications:

  • STCW Regulation II/1 ‐ II/2 ‐ II/3 Deck; or
  • STCW Regulation III/1 – III /2 – III/3 Engine; or
  • STCW Regulation III/6 ETO

3. DP sea time between the Induction and Simulator courses, task sections

Rules applicable from 01 January 2015 Version 1.1 (New Scheme)

Induction and simulator courses cannot be completed back-to-back.  A minimum of 60 DP sea time days between these courses is required for completion of the task sections of the logbook.

All tasks in the task section must be completed before the simulator course in order to ensure that the trainee is ready to progress to that course.  It is a requirement of the scheme that all tasks are completed between the Induction and Simulator courses as training centres are not able to accept students onto the Simulator course if the task sections are not fully completed.

In case any task is completed afterwards, the trainee DPO will be required to re-start the training scheme on phase B and complete all the following phases again.

The tasks must not be block signed; each task must be signed and dated individually.

The Master is required to countersign each section once that is completed and signed by a certified DPO onboard.  If the Master is a certified DPO onboard, then a note shall be made in the logbook and the Master’s DP certificate number must be annotated for verification.

The DP sea time should be carefully and accurately entered in this section.  It is important that the DP class and the DP system are entered.

The dates of joining and leaving the vessel may be confirmed through the Discharge Book, but not the DP sea time, which shall be confirmed by the company to verify the DP sea time logged.

Students in the “Old Scheme” can gain entry to the Simulator course with 30 days familiarization and Section C of the logbook completed.


The DP Advanced/Simulator course involves two assessments:

1.  DP Set-up Practical Assessment: This assessment must be passed on the first attempt.  If the test is failed, participants must repeat the entire DP Advanced/Simulator training course.

2.  Online Theory Assessment: Participants are given three attempts at the online examination.

6. Nautical Institute Requirements prior to completing DP Advanced/Simulator Training

The Nautical Institute require a minimum of 60 DP sea time days AND completion of task section onboard a certified DP class vessel + Company confirmation letter before candidates complete the DP Advanced/Simulator training.

Note:   Trainee Dynamic Positioning (DP) operators may reduce the Nautical Institute sea time requirement by attending a Sea Time Reduction (STR) course. The STR course reduces the required 60 days supervised DP sea time by a maximum of 30 days.  STR course candidates must have successfully completed both the DP Induction and DP Simulator training courses.  Click here to view course information on the DP Sea Time Reduction training.

Please review the documents below to ensure all Nautical Institute requirements are met prior to attending the DP Advanced/Simulator training:

Information for current cadets

Prospective Offshore DPOs on the new scheme who are in the process of training for an STCW certificate may complete, the Induction course (Phase A), the 60 days DP sea time (Phase B) and the Simulator course (Phase C). The remaining 60 days of DP sea time training (Phase D) and the subsequent suitability sign-off (Phase E) may only be completed after they hold an appropriate STCW Certificate of Competency.

Cadets are not allowed to claim for Sea Time Reduction (STR) in Phase D of the training scheme.

These rules are effective from 1st January 2015 and reflect changed introduced from 1st January 2016 and apply to those who already commenced training on the new scheme as well as new starters.

Note that the time to complete the training scheme for those who started the Induction course after 1st January 2015 is four years.


Scheduled Dates

AMCS DP lecturers are experienced, practising senior DP operators, as such 2017 course dates will be published throughout the year as their availability is determined.  To express interest, email searchinfo@amc.edu.au

Location Start Date End Date Status Register

Course Registration

Acknowledgement of registration will be provided by return email. Confirmation of registration is provided upon payment of the course fees, and subject to AMCS Registration Terms.


5 days

Course Fee

AUD $4,660 (GST not applicable)

Course Fee Include

      • Course notes and writing materials
      • Morning and afternoon tea
      • Complimentary WIFI access

AMCS Registration Terms

To secure your enrolment, payment of 50% of the course fee is required.  Cancellations up to 15 working days prior to the scheduled date will be accepted without penalty.  Cancellations less than 15 working days will be subject to 100% cancellation fee.

AMCS reserves the right to cancel the course if insufficient registrations have been received by seven days from commencement of course.  Any fees paid for cancelled courses will be refunded in full.

When making flight bookings please ensure you book on a fully refundable basis.

Course Aim

To provide participants with a range of practical DP operation experience, including planning, procedures, risk assessment and problem solving in various operational and environmental conditions.

Realistic scenarios, faults and failure modes are created using the Kongsberg K-Pos dual redundant DP Simulator


The following certificate will be issued by AMC to participants who successfully complete the course and provide documentary evidence to satisfy the course pre-requisite:

      • AMC Dynamic Positioning – Advanced Certificate which is approved by the Nautical Institute (NI).

Full attendance and participation in ALL activities during the course will satisfy the required performance criteria.

If you do not hold the required pre-requisites, you are not eligible for a NI approved certificate.





Location Information

The course is conducted at the Australian Maritime College, Newnham Campus in Launceston Tasmania

Participants arriving at Launceston Airport should make their way to the Australian Maritime College, Newnham Drive, Newnham.  Taxi fare from the airport is approximately $55.00.

Parking:  Complimentary car parking is provided on campus in areas designated to AMCS participants and clients.

Accommodation Options

On-campus accommodation can be reserved via the online enrolment form. Further information is provided here, together with off-campus options.