Distance Course 1: Basic Knowledge and Principles of a Ship’s Stability

Course Prerequisites

Satisfactory completion of at least year 10


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Course Fee

AUD $1,370 (including GST)


The course must be completed within 1 year of the commencement date.

Course Aim

These courses are ideally suited for Container Ship Planners, Ballast Operators in the oil & gas industry, Stevedores or any shore based personnel dealing with ship operations where the stability requirements of the vessel are critical to a safe and successful operation, as well as seagoing staff wishing to further their knowledge in the subject.

Course Content

The aim is to provide the very necessary basic understanding of a ship’s stability.  This requires the learning of formula which at first appears a daunting task.  It is not, the formula and the fairly easy mathematics required to solve the formula can all be simplified by first learning the principles behind the subject of stability. This course covers the Law of Flotation, Load lines, Basic Transverse Stability, Small Angles of List, Free Surface Effect, Causes and correction of a Negative Stability and an introduction to the Curve of Righting Levers as well as an introduction to Longitudinal Stability.


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