Crisis Management and Human Behaviour


The course is for Masters, Chief Engineer Officers, Chief Mates, Second Engineer Offices and any person designated on muster lists as having responsibility for the safety of passengers in emergency situations on board passenger ships (STCW Regulation V/2 paragraph 6).  The course also includes Passenger Safety, Cargo Safety and Hull Integrity which is for every person assigned immediate responsibility for embarking and disembarking passengers, loading, discharging or securing cargo, or closing hull openings on board ro-ro passenger ships (STCW Regulation V/2 paragraph 7).

In addition to Crisis Management and Human Behaviour, Crowd Management training is required by STCW Regulation V/2, paragraph 4 and 5 for all personnel designated on muster lists to assist passengers in emergency situations.  Crowd Management is a separate course, available online.

The course is designed to be delivered:

  • online
  • onsite/interstate
  • internationally

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Course duration

Online: approximately 7 hours

Classroom: 1 day

Course Fee

  • Online: AUD $495 (GST inclusive)
  • Classroom: By quotation
  • On-site: By quotation

Course Dates

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After successful completion of the course, participants will be able to organise the safe movement of vehicles and passengers when embarking and disembarking, control all elements of cargo safety and hull integrity, monitor and control atmosphere in ro-ro cargo spaces, organise shipboard emergency procedures, optimise use of resources, control response to emergencies, control passengers and other personnel during emergency situations and establish and maintain effective communications.


AMSA approved, in accordance with Marine Order 70.


The following certificate will be issued by AMC to participants who successfully complete the course:

Passenger Ship Safety (AMSA approved), meeting the requirements of

  • Crisis Management & Human Behaviour (STCW Reg V/2 and Code Section A-V/2, para 3, Table A-V/2)
  • Passenger Safety, Cargo Safety & Hull Integrity (STCW Reg V/2 and Code Section A-V/2, para 4.)

Full attendance and participation in ALL activities during the course will satisfy the required performance criteria.