Local Port Services - Technical Elements

Course also known as: LPS - Technical Elements

This course meets V-103/1 prerequisite (element 1, option 1) and is designed for candidates wishing to undertake the VTS Operator (V-103/1) course who have not worked in a VTS Centre.

The online course is presented over 8 sections. Participants will need to successfully complete the following in order to achieve competence and be issued with a certificate in Local Port Services - Technical Elements: 

  • All activities required 
  • Local Port Services Technical Elements Assessment with a pass mark of 70% 

Participants will be assigned an Instructor to assist with the training program. The Instructor will review each participant's activities as the are completed and provide feedback as appropriate. The Instructor will also be available to answer any questions and help with research activities if required.


Online, allow a minimum of 2 weeks to complete


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  • Local Port Services - Technical Elements (Online Course)

  • Duration: Online, allow a minimum of 2 weeks to complete
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