Stability by Distance - Advanced

Distance Learning

Teaches the practical knowledge and application of a ship’s stability. Provided as self-paced study.

Knowledge of a ship’s stability is not a process of memorising and blindly applying formula, but of understanding the principle behind the formula and the process of what is actually happening to the vessel’s righting and trimming levers as the vessel changes the distribution of weight or buoyancy within its hull. The golden rule throughout this course is therefore: Learn the principle not the formula. Once you understand the principle there will be no need to learn the formula as it will be engraved in your memory forever!

Entry Guidance

It is recommended that participants wishing to undertake Stability by Distance: Advanced have successfully completed Stability by Distance: Basic, or hold a Certificate of Competency as Deck Watchkeeper or Mate/Master <500GT or equivalent, as a minimum.


This course is designed to be self-paced. Participants should aim to complete the course within 12 months of the enrolment date.

Course Aim

The course covers the use of Simpson’s Rules relating to a ship’s stability, The Inclining Test, Stability Cross Curves, Radius of Gyration, Synchronous rolling and Parametric rolling, IMO Stability Criteria including Wind Heel, List and Large Angles of Stability, Grain Stability, Longitudinal Stability, Damage Stability, Dry Docking and other factors determining a loss of stability.

The purpose of this course is to teach the practical knowledge and application of a ship’s stability. The aim is:

  1. To provide an understanding as to how the hydrostatics particulars of a ship’s hull are derived and to furnish participants with sufficient knowledge for them to calculate their own hydrostatic information should the need arise.
  2. To provide some practical knowledge of stability for participants to use in their seagoing or related careers or when dealing with the operational considerations relating to the safety of ships.


Participants who satisfactorily complete the course will be issued with an Australian Maritime College Certificate in Advanced Application of a Ship’s Stability and Dynamics.


  • Duration: Self-paced
  • Course Options: (including GST)
    Course Fee | Online | $1,670

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