Safety Management Systems (Maritime)

Course also known as: SMS

Provides participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to significantly improve the management of a maritime safety system. The course uses a blended learning approach, with both online and face-to-face content.

Who should participate?

Safety Management Systems (Maritime) is designed for people who are either currently managing maritime safety management systems, are preparing to move into such a role or have regulatory oversight of maritime systems.

This could include safety managers, DPA, seafarers looking to move into shore-based positions, or representatives of port authorities, pilotage or towage organisations.

The course is also suitable for students looking to develop a career in land-side maritime safety management.

Course Details

The focus of the 3 days will be to develop relevant skills to measure, manage and change safety systems.

The course includes:
  • Principles of management systems and safety culture
  • Safety change management
  • Risk Assessment Planning (anticipatory thinking); dynamic risk assessment, behavioural assessment)
  • Measurement of safety management systems using lead and lag indicators, risk profiling from incident and injury data.
  • Setting stretch goals
  • Building, managing and modifying safety cultures
  • Assessing policy implications of cultural change.
Skills that will be developed:
  • The application and analysis of Safety culture surveys.
  • Tools for observation of normal work environments
  • The assessment of positive performance and lag indicators
  • Tools for the development and assessment of policy changes
  • Debriefing after exercises or simulations for learning lessons
  • Dynamic Risk Assessment, pre-mortems
  • Application of change management frameworks to safety contexts


Participants who satisfactorily complete the course will be issued with an Australian Maritime College Certificate in Safety Management Systems (Maritime).

  • Duration: 3 days plus online pre-course work
  • Course available on demand

    This course is available on demand, delivered at various locations. To express interest, please contact us.

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