Remote Pilot's License (RePL)

Delivered by the Institute for Drone Technology

Course also known as:RePL, Drone License

Delivered by the Institute for Drone Technology and contextualised for the maritime industry, this course uses the latest CASA endorsed guidelines and syllabus from June 2017. It is designed for multirotor sub 7 kg.

Course details

The course is carried out online, followed by in-class and practical training. It includes approx. five hours flight time and is accredited with the latest CASA guidelines and syllabus.

The course is contextualised for the maritime industry, including considerations of use of drones near the ocean, activities tailored to suit a maritime environment, and learning materials reflecting the environment.

There are 14 modules in the syllabus:

  • Module 1: General introduction and overview of the course
  • Module 2: Airspace, charts and other aeronautical publications (theory training)
  • Module 3: Basic aviation knowledge for RPA (theory training)
  • Module 4: Electrical and electronic systems for RPA (theory training)
  • Module 5: Meteorology for RPA (theory training)
  • Module 6: Human performance for RPA (theory training)
  • Module 7: RPA knowledge of operations and procedures (theory training)
  • Module 8: Operation rules and rules of the air for RPA (theory training)
  • Module 9: Pre and post operation actions and procedures for RPA
  • Module 10: Energy management for RPA
  • Module 11: Manage other persons in relation to RPA operation
  • Module 12: Navigation for RPA operations
  • Module 13: Non-technical skills for operation of RPA
  • Module 14: RPA that is multirotor

Delivered by the Institute for Drone Technology™

The Institute For Drone Technology™ (RTO No. 45181) helps individuals and organisations understand the revolutionary benefits of drone (UAV) technology, and gain the skills to implement drone (UAV) technology safely and effectively in their workplaces and wider enterprises. The Institute For Drone Technology™ is a Civil Aviation Safety Authority training provider.

Who should participate?

You do not need to be a pilot to do this course. This course is designed for people who will manage a workplace that includes drones, rather than necessarily for the pilots who operate the drones. Successful completion of the course will make the workplace in which the manager works eligible for insurance for drone operations through QBE Australia.

Course requirements

You will need to bring personal protective equipment to the course, including sunglasses, sunscreen, sturdy shoes, a hat and water bottle. You do not need your own drone to do the course, however it is highly recommended that you do have one for practice in your own time.

  • Duration: Up to 7 days in class and practical + approx. 7 days online.
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  • Course available on demand

    This course is available on demand, delivered at various locations. To express interest, please contact us.

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