Consulting Services

From surface to subsea and concept to design, AMC Search delivers maritime consulting services in maritime simulations, offshore and coastal engineering, hydrodynamics testing, cavitation testing, ship and port operations, environmental seabed mapping and marine energy systems.

However, AMC Search is like no other maritime consultancy service. We are acutely focused on client services, have access to a talented pool of maritime specialists and world-class engineering facilities plus we operate as a not-for-profit entity.

Each dollar we make above operating costs is reinvested back into the development of maritime training and facilities to support our consultancy work.

That reinvestment model is core to our philosophy and why over the last 30 years of consulting, we have been able to deliver high-value for money professional outcomes for over 300 maritime organizations and have invested millions of dollars in state-of-the-art consulting equipment and facilities.

What we do

State of the art Maritime Simulations

Real time manoeuvring, pilotage, interactive control between vessels (ships and tugs or ship to ship), port operations and numerical modelling.

Centre for Maritime Simulation

Marine and Offshore Engineering

Numerical and physical scale modelling for port development, channel design, berth design, breakwater design, installation analysis. Find out more for information about our Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation tool.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Coastal Engineering

Breakwater design and testing, floating platform design and analysis, outfall plume modelling, port accessibility studies

Hydrodynamics and Naval Architecture

Tank testing for ship manoeuvring, high performance yacht design, hull design and strength and fatigue testing for ship structures, floating platform analysis, anchoring and mooring analysis, vessel conversion studies, vessel assessments in extreme sea states, scale model testing, cargo and transfer management analysis, propulsion system testing.

Towing Tank

Marine energy systems

Numerical and physical modelling for device validation and testing, in-situ field deployment and testing for both conventional and renewable energy systems.


Specialist cavitation testing to optimise propeller design. Find out more information on our cavitation tunnel.

Cavitation Research Laboratory

Maritime logistics

Simulated port operations and cargo handling systems

Centre for Maritime Simulation

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

REMUS 100 and Explorer Class AUV’s for seafloor surveying, seabed mapping and AUV training, including operator training.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)

Vessel charter

Vessel and Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) charter for survey and mapping, operator hire, data validation.

Training Vessels


Numerical and physical modelling for engine emission reductions, marine development Environmental Impact Statements, seabed mapping.

Legal and policy

International maritime law, federal and state legal and policy advice, drone and AUV integration.

Human performance

Stress testing in emergency situations, team building, Lean value stream management analysis.


AMC Search have delivered consulting services for some of the world’s most well-known companies including:

Flinders Ports
Global Marine Design
Incat Crowther
Norman Wright Sons
Oceanic Design Survey
One 2 Three
Port Authority Nsw
Rio Tinto
Southerly Designs
Spirit Of Tasmania
Strategic Marine
Stronach Associates

Wave Swell Energy could not be happier with the results obtained by AMC during the testing of the company's wave energy technology.

Dr Tom Denniss, Wave Swell Energy CEO