Certificates of Proficiency as Rating (Integrated Rating, Able Seaman, Deck Rating or Engine Room Rating)

Changes to STCW introduced by the 2010 Manila amendments, means that holders of Certificates of Proficiency as Rating (Integrated Rating, Able Seaman, Deck Rating or Engine Room Rating) will expire on 31 December 2016.

Certificate holders will be required to demonstrate continued competence to revalidate their certificate beyond 1 January 2017, and every five (5) years to maintain the validity of their certificate.  Refer to AMSA revalidation information for full details.

August 2016 Update: AMSA have advised that there is still a large number of seafarers yet to apply to have their certificates revalidated beyond 31 December 2016, and to avoid their certificates becoming invalid, AMSA strongly encourages certificate holders to not leave this until the last moment. Certificate holders should also be aware that for certificates expiring on 31 December 2016, revalidating in advance of this date will deliver a new expiry date five years from 31 December 2016, not from the date of application. 

Please refer to the following AMSA information for further details  https://apps.amsa.gov.au/MOReview/MarineNoticeExternal.html

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CoP Rating Revalidation

The CoP Rating revalidation course is designed for Seafarers who do not hold qualifying sea service and therefore need to undertake the full short courses in order to demonstrate continued competence.

Course Offered:

CoP Rating Revalidation

CoP Rating Refresher (seafarers with current sea service)

The CoP Rating refresher course is designed to meet the mandatory Sea Survival and Fire Fighting continued competence requirements for current Seafarers with qualifying sea service.

Course Offered:

CoP Rating Refresher

Security Awareness Endorsement

All certificate holders need to complete Security Awareness Training and apply to AMSA for an endorsement on their certificate.

Course Offered:

Security Awareness