AMCS offers Fully Portable LNG Loadmaster Training

AMCS has developed a fully portable LNG Loadmaster course.

The AMCS LNG Loadmaster Training Course has been designed in conjunction with the Marine and Terminal Operator Competence Training Guide as designed and published by OCIMF.

This course is intended to provide training in LNG loading operations for the following roles:

  • Individuals who will be filling the position of terminal representative on loading LNG vessels.
  • Onboard seafarers, to provide an understanding of the shore side operations of loading.
  • Port side workers, to provide an understanding of the ship operations throughout the loading.

The course is conducted over 3 days, and is delivered through a mixture of lectures, group discussions, case studies and exercises conducted on a Kongsberg Liquid Cargo Handling Loading simulator.

The simulator is approved by Det Norske Veritas as meeting the compliance requirements of:

Standard for Certification No. 3.302. Competence of Shipboard LNG Operators (March 2006) Table 30-1 Competence Requirements and Test Matrix S Section 7 – Operations. 

AMCS makes sourcing relevant, industry experienced professionals to develop and deliver their training courses a high priority, and the LNG Loadmaster course has been designed by an experienced Loading Operations maritime consultant together with a highly respected, current LNG Loadmaster.

The LNG Loadmaster course is fully portable and can be set-up for delivery on client premises.

For further information, please contact Catherine Wilson, Deputy CEO: