AMC DP Unit engaging with region

The AMC DP Unit has been actively involved with a number of regionally important events over the last few months. DP Unit Manager, Matt Barney and DP Lecturer Tim Newton both attended the DP Asia conference held in Singapore over two days in June. The conference is organised by a technical committee representing a range of stakeholders within the industry, and is aligned with the Marine Technology Society (MTS) in Houston. The conference includes focused workshop sessions for delegates to discuss contemporary issues within the industry. 

Both Tim and Matt were involved in the workshop group sessions as table leaders, assisting to facilitate discussion over two important topics – the development and conduct of DP Annual Trials and DP incident reporting. Outputs from the sessions provided insight into current industry practices and guidelines, future directions, and ways the entire DP community, including owners, charterers, DP operators, and consultants can create positive impacts for both productivity and safety in the current challenging market. MTS guidance is increasingly being referenced by the industry and has been incorporated into the range of DP training courses being delivered at AMC including DP Operator courses, DP Technical training for watch keeping engineers, and DP Familiarisation courses. 

Matt and Tim also represented the AMC DP unit at the biannual DP Training Executive Group Regional Training Providers meeting, which was attended by former AMC National Ports and Shipping Director, John Lloyd, in his new role as Nautical Institute COO. DP Technical Training Accreditation, DP Refresher and Revalidation Training were discussed, together with a range of other issues which will affect the Nautical Institute DP Operator Training Scheme in the near future. 

The next DP focused event in the region is the Asian Dynamic Positioning Conference ( Held in Singapore on the 21st September, this is a one-day event which precedes the Asian Offshore Support Journal Conference. The conference theme is “Maintaining quality and competencies in a cost constrained world”, and will focus on a variety of topics including a range of technical and regulatory developments within the DP industry. It is expected to be attended by a cross section of industry including charterers, owners of rigs and vessels, regulatory bodies, manufacturers, designers, training providers and DPOs. DPOs are encouraged to attend, as it provides a good insight into changes that affect both technical and regulatory aspects of DP operations. 

All past AMC DP Unit students are offered a 30% discount to attend the Conference, so please mention this and have your DP Course certificate number available if you wish to attend.  Cut-off date to take advantage of this discount is 19 August. If you would like to find out more information, register your interest for further updates or book to attend, please contact Kaara Barbour at