AMC Centre for Maritime Simulations – Moving Ahead

The Australian Maritime College’s Centre for Maritime Simulation in Launceston has recently undergone an $1.4 million upgrade, including the replacement of aging projectors, the development of two dedicated Tug Simulation Cubicles, along with other improvements.  

In what is a world first, the AMC Centre of Maritime Simulations is now able to provide users of the Full Mission Bridge an ultra-high resolution view thanks to the installation of 5 Panasonic 3-chip DLP projectors, providing live dealer casino Canada 4K resolution through laser technology.

The greater fidelity in the image provides a higher level of immersion, thus removing some of the limitations previously experienced through older technology, such as the difficulty in discerning some navigation marks.

However, it isn’t just the marked increase in resolution which has improved the visual presentation of the Full Mission Bridge. With a brightness of 10,000 lumens, the new projectors provide almost-daylight conditions of brightness and clarity, again aiding the user in forgetting they’re in a simulator, increasing the possibility of a more realistic response to situations.

Recent users of the Centre have remarked on the significant improvement the new projectors have made, giving them a clearer, brighter, more colourful view and a higher level of realism of the simulated environment.

The past three years has seen significant changes in the Centre for Maritime Simulations. Changes include the development of two 360 degree tug simulations cubicles and the conversion of the Mini-Bridge into a state-of-the-art DP Simulator, with full control replication and visuals, utilising K-Sim, the next generation of Kongsberg simulation software.

The Centre has also had success in integrating a VTS Station into the Simulator, allowing whole-port operations to be conducted involving Pilots, Exempt Masters, Tug Masters, and VTSOs in the one scenario. This multi-faceted approach has not only expanded the capability of the Centre, but has provided a forum for stakeholders to discuss and adopt a common approach to Port Operations and Risk Management.

The Centre has evolved over the recent years, and will continue to do so, as new opportunities and technologies present themselves. AMC’s unique in-house capabilities enables the Centre to be proactive in meeting the requirements of the user, as well as identifying methods to exceed expectations. It is this approach which has contributed to the long history of the Centre, and it is advances like the recent ones, which will see it service the Maritime Industry for many more years.

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