Mooring Analysis and Design Professional Development Course

Scheduled Dates

This course is scheduled ‘on demand’ and can be conducted onsite.  Please contact Deputy CEO for further information.


2 days

Course Fee

By quotation

Aims and Objectives

Passively control position/heading of a floating vessel:
  • Safely, effectively without damaging equipment; and
  • Cost effectively
Mitigate consequence of mooring failures by ensuring:
  • Mooring failure comes with as much warning as possible
  • Reinstatement post-failure is cost effective
Trainees would develop knowledge and understanding with regards to the following as a result of this training:
  • Practical aspects of design
  • The simplest method for mooring analysis
  • Steps involved in carrying out such an analysis
  • Some industry practice and limitations of method


Upon successful completion, participants will be issued:

  • An AMC Mooring Analysis and Design Certificate