Navigation Watch Rating and Engine Room Watch Rating (TAGS program)

Task and Guided Study (TAGS) books have been developed by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) and forms part of the requirements to perform duties as part of a navigational watch or engine room watch.

To become qualified

To become qualified to perform duties as part of a watch, either navigational or engine room, candidates will need to

1.  Complete at least 6 months sea service in either the Deck or Engine room department, that includes completion of the AMSA approved Task and Guided Study (TAGS) program of the appropriate discipline.

2.  Hold and maintain the following valid certificates:

  • Certificate of safety Training, including Security Awareness Training.
  • AMSA Certificate of Medical Fitness, and
  • Approved Steering Certificate (for navigational watch duties only)

The AMSA endorsement is linked to the candidates Certificate of Safety Training.  To maintain validity of the endorsement, the candidate must meet requirements for revalidation of the Certificate of Safety Training.


Course Registration

To purchase multiple TAGS books, contact:

TAGS book for Navigational Watch Rating: Registration Form

TAGS book for Engine Room Watch Rating: Registration Form

To obtain a TAGS books, complete the relevant registration form.  After submitting the form, payment options will be provided.

Once payment of the fees has been received, the relevant TAGS book will be posted.


AUD $560 (GST exempt) per TAGS book


Candidate must complete the book within 5 years.

Delivery Strategy

The TAGS workbook is completed entirely on the job, and includes a guide for both trainees and trainers.

Completed TAGS books are forwarded to AMCS for marking and feedback.

Further information can be found at


Upon successful completion of the TAGS book, within the nominated time frame, a statement of satisfactory completion will be issued by AMC.

Payment Options

To secure a course registration, payment of the course fee are required.  Payment methods accepted:

  • Credit Card (online or via (03) 6324-9850)
  • Bank Deposit
  • Cheque/Money Order
  • Company Invoice (approved companies only)

Detailed payment options will be made available after registration is submitted.