Bulk Carrier Operations

Course Aim

The objective of this course is to provide participants with sufficient knowledge of the correct procedures in the cargo handling operation of a bulk carrier. The aims of the ship’s officers, the stevedores and the cargo owners are the same, to get the cargo in or out of the ship in the quickest possible time, but there the similarity ends. This course provides participants with an understanding of the operational requirements of a bulk carrier during its brief port call and how to avoid delays through good communications with the vessel.


Client Specific Training

Bulk Carrier Operations is a generic course title.  The course is designed to be tailored to meet specific client requirements, and can be delivered on-site, interstate or internationally.
Some examples of tailored courses include:

  • Bulk Carrier Operations – Handymax
  • Bulk Liquids Operations
  • Caustic Liquid Handling
  • Bulk Loading – Iron


Course Dates

This course is scheduled on demand and can be conducted onsite.  Email: AMCS.Training@utas.edu.au


2 days

Course Fee

By quotation.