AMCS Recognised by the Australian Department of Defence

Due to its long running Pacific Patrol Boat training contract, and other research contracts, AMCS is one of the Australian Defence Department’s Key Divisional Suppliers.  As such it sits alongside multinational Defence contractors such as BAE, Raytheon, Thales and the Australian Submarine Corporation as significant suppliers of products and services to the Department.

Key Divisional Suppliers are required to undergo audits to determine the risk level to Defence in contracting these suppliers.    The risks evaluated during an audit include whether products and services will be delivered on time, on budget and in accordance with the contract.

AMCS was audited in October 2014 which identified some areas where the overall business could be improved and the risks reduced.   After 6 months of work on the identified areas, Defence recently returned to re-evaluate the company.   The re-evaluation deemed AMCS to be “low risk”, the highest level of confidence that Defence can have in a contractor.

This low risk evaluation makes AMCS one of the Department of Defence’s preferred contractors and is a significant milestone in AMCS’ relationship with the Commonwealth Government.


Pacific Patrol Boat trainees conduct ship handling exercises on AMCS’ Vessel Operations Simulator