Master Mariners Congress 2015

The Australian Maritime College hosted the 2015 Master Mariners conference and AMCS providing sponsorship support. One of the keynote speakers AMC Professor Capt John Lloyd presented a paper on the pace of change in the maritime industry and highlighted the issue of sea service which has received some attention as Australia continues to require more sea service for the award of Certificates of Competency that other countries signatory to the STCW Convention.  Specifically AMSA requires 18 months versus the 12 months by other States and does not currently allow any remission of sea service for specialised training for watchkeepers.

john lloyd master mariners conf 2015

Professor Capt John Lloyd

Recent staff changes at AMSA and a recognition that educators have a greater role to play in the design and delivery of courses has provided the opportunity for further discussion.  In particular, AMC simulation specialists believe substantial improvements in watchkeeping skills can be achieved by greater use of the simulator and will shortly be developing a special course in this area which will be presented to AMSA with a recommendation to reduce the bridge time required for the award of a first certificate of competency.  Such a solution, if accepted, will not only improve the quality of our seafarers but will also go some way to alleviate the pressure on training berths at sea.

AMSA are open to innovative ideas in the training environment and are expected to engage positively in the discussion.